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Time Is On Our Side

Simpatico Theatre

* Barrymore Award Nomination for Best Scenic Design

Director: Jarrod Markman

Lighting Designer: Alyssandra Docherty

Costume Designer: LeVonne Lindsay

Sound Designer: Liz Atkinson

Photo Credit: Plate 3 Photography 

from Broad Street Review:

Design that creates a world

Christopher Haig's stunning scenic design, which makes the tiny Louis Bluver Theatre at The Drake feel large, yet intimate, is two fascinating walls embracing the square space. Festooned with drawers, cubbies, chairs, empty picture frames, and other everyday items, it’s capped upstage center by an historical marker for a gay rights demonstration. All the items are one color. Alyssandra Docherty's lighting changes that color from gray to green, ivory, and tan at different moments, making this monochromatic flea market come to life in a variety of lovely ways.

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