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Beep Bop's Garage

Toys and Crafts made for my family and friends now available for yours. 

One-of-a-Kind Wrapping Paper

This one-of-a-kind wrapping paper is hand painted. 

No two rolls are alike. The recipient won't want to tear it open.

Each unique roll is versatile enough to be used

for any holiday or occasion.

Comes in the varieties shown:

Red paper with pink & white paint
Pink paper with black paint

Black paper with silver, blue & lavender paint

Tan paper with black paint

Red paper with black & silver paint

Green paper with black, silver & gold paint

Each roll is 3' wide x 5' long

$15 per roll + shipping

(or free local pickup)

Contact me HERE to discuss your choices and payment options.

Mini Wood Pallet Coasters

Yellow Coaster.jpg
Blue Coaster.jpg
Red Coaster.jpg
Beige Coaster.jpg

Mini Wood Pallet Coasters are
4" x 3.5" x .5"H

Personalize your coaster set with any theme you want! 

You can provide images or I can find them for you. 

Set of (4) Mini Wood Pallet Coasters

Cost: $40 + shipping
(or free local pickup)

Contact me HERE to discuss what images you want on your coasters and for payment options.

Peg People

Peg People are handmade from oak and sanded smooth with no sharp edges or splinters. They are painted with environmentally friendly ECOS Lullaby Paints which are safe for little ones who still like to put everything in their mouth.

Several options available ranging in price from $50 - $70.

Hover over or click on pictures above for info on each option.

Contact me HERE to discuss choices and payment options.

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